Ferrari 250 GTO 

This 1:12 scale GTO began life as a reasonably high quality die cast model manufactured in Germany around 1980. Although components such as the spoke wheels, engine and interior pieces were assembled from the usual, run-of-the mill pre-colored plastic parts available at that time, the overall quality and accuracy of the metal cast body and chassis was superb even by today’s exceptionally fine standards of modeling. 

With this fundamentally sound and correct die cast body, the Autograph company (also German) decided to produce extremely highly detailed engine and spoke wheel kits (called trans kits) to replace the original plastic wheels and drive train components.

These “kits”, as I can attest, are not intended for the casual model builder. Each kit costs several hundred dollars, and contains literally thousands of minute pieces - many small enough that strong magnification lenses and surgical tweezers are required to handle them. 

The Boranni wheels, for example, are reproduced in miniature from billet aluminum rims that require drilling with 72 accurately placed .4 mm holes to accommodate the stainless wire spokes and rim nipples. The polished center hubs and knock-offs, complete with the familiar embossed Boranni hand are difficult to distinguish from real without an object in the picture to provide scale.  After beginning the building process, I chose not to keep track of the days required to complete the set of four. The process was quite consuming.  

The 250 V-12 engine trans kit contained pieces that numbered in the hundreds, plus a pile of tiny assorted Swiss watch screws and bolts that easily exceeded a thousand. Not all were used. 

Each of six individual Weber carburetors, shown here in detail, contains in excess of 20 individual parts, and all the throttle linkage (complete with return springs) is intact

.The interior components including the dash gauges, all control and electrical switches, roll bar, seat belts and even the fire extinguisher, were crafted by hand to replicate the cockpit of the actual GTO whose owner commissioned this 1/12th scale replica. 

For more information and photos of the building process, you may reach me through the contact button on this web site.  I welcome your questions, and yes, I will duplicate any car in any color and with any trim to suit the most particular collector. At  $8700. they’re not cheap. But if you’ve priced a real GTO lately, you might find this hand built miniature to be just the bargain you’ve been searching for. 

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