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1967 Formula One Collection


Earthbound only by gravity, with their lethal combination of V-12 power, sheer speed and treaded bias-ply tires, the wingless Grand Prix cars of 1967 showcased the skill and courage of their drivers in a manner that is difficult to fully appreciate when compared to today's standards of F1 design and construction.


For sheer grace and aesthetic beauty, no other era of F1 chassis and engines matches the complex elegance of these early three liter race cars.  This was a unique period in Formula One racing history, and it's the magically visceral memory of these men and machines that I strive to recapture in my sculptures.


Each car in the collection is configured as it appeared at a specific racing event in 1967. The Ferrari 312 with Lorenzo Bandini is shown as it appeared at the season opening non-championship event at rands Hatch when he finished second.  Jim Clark's Lotus 49 is represented as it was on the day of its inaugural win at the Dutch Grand Prix.  And Dan Gurney's Eagle #36 is shown as it appeared when he won the GP of Spa.


Produced by individual commission in an edition of 20 each the 1:10 scale sculptures are assembled from 70 to 90 individually hand cast components.  In addition, each sculpture contains moe than 100 hand fabricated parts in brass, bronze, aluminum and composite resins.  The dimensions are 22" x 13" x 7" and the weight is approximately 20 lbs. or 9.5 kg. The cars are permanently mounted to a hand finished lacquer plinth that is fastended to a ball bearing turntable.  The Eagle comes with a bronze plaque signed by Dan Gurney.


The process of building these complex sculptures in bronze is more closely related to the art of fine jewelry making than it is to the art of highly detailed model production. Although the highest standards of dimensional accuracy are maintained in replicating each of the components of the original cars, the inherent beauty of those magnificent V12 exhaust systems or the twin rows of velocity stacks is enhanced even further when reproduced in gleaming bronze.

For a more detailed description of the casting and assembly process please refer to the Cavallino article in the editorial section of the web site.


For further details on pricing and optional building materials please inquire to me directly in the contact section of the web site.








Gurney Eagle Gallery
Gurney Eagle Gallery

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Ferrari 312 Gallery

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